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Akshaypatra Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is an engineering & manufacturing concern , maintaining a continuous process of technological innovation to provide an answer to the growing demand for power generating systems.

AEPL has within reach ,both technically & commercially , to supply the best possible system at a reasonable cost. AEPL has both manufacturing and testing facilities at its work located at Gurgaon, for all of its projects. You therefore have the one stop shop in AEPL for fulfilling your requirement of complete  power generating system

An important product line is covered by SILENT DIESEL GENSETS designed specially for people who value silence. During the years we have gained considerable experience and a high degree of expertise in the design of these gensets. This experience & expertise can be found in all our projects, small or large, and has given us considerable edge over the competition.

We also manufacture MOBILE FLOOD LIGHTING TOWER in various power rating. Trailer mounted mobile flood lighting towers are designed for user friendily operation and facilitate upto 6000 watts of metal halide light. These machines have very low noise level and may be designed to   meet your specific on-site light requirement.

AEPL has recently introduced DIESEL WELDERS driven by an internal combustion engine. Diesel welder facilitate smooth welding and also has characteristics as wide adjusting range of welding current, easy generation of arc and stable flame holding etc. In addition to the above it may also be used for power generation, separately or simultaneously.

Our expertise extends to the manufacturing of ACOUSTIC ENCLOSURE/ SOUNDPROOFING OF D.G. ROOMS as well. We provide an effective noise control  system with carefully planned design & implementation of forced ventilation.

A guaranteed after sales service and readily available spare parts for its products after the expiry of their warranty , have all contributed to AEPL's excellent reputation in power generating system.